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A 150 hour Yoga Alliance Professionals approved advanced teacher training, delivered between East & West.

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A carefully crafted 150 hour training beginning in Rishikesh, India - the 'home of yoga', and finishing in London, England - a city at the cutting edge of both modern movement culture and personal growth work. Steered by Senior Yoga Teacher Carl Faure, and Calli Popham this training is based around what makes our 250 hour foundation training so successful; that we create an ever deepening and supportive group field that allows the student to go further in their own personal inquiry and immerse themselves into the hugely transformative and healing process that is yoga.



To help co-create the powerful group field for our unique advanced training, we’ve brought in Conor Cregg, an experienced group facilitator to lead the co-counselling aspect that will deepen the process further. You will learn Repatterning and Basic counselling skills (for non-professionals), learn about Meta-cognition and Reactivity – and you will be learning to hold space, as we do, for individuals and groups. It is this aspect of the training that will provide the basis for your on-going mentorship and peer-support between the modules, that we will begin at the home of Yoga. You will reach deeper into Patanjali’s yoga sutras, Aruyvedic science and India’s rich philosophical heritage. You will tap into the power of storytelling, creative sequencing and discover your unique voice in your teaching. We will help you explore your purpose and find the fierce passion to your teaching.

Sattva Retreat is located in the outskirt of the heart of Rishikesh, the birthplace of yoga and ancient wisdom, and home to great Indian epic texts such as the Mahabharata, Bhagavad Gita, and the Upanishads. Nestled in the powerful energy and natural beauty of the Himalayas, this haven rests alongside a pure waterway that flows down from the mountains and into the Ganges River, revered as “Mother Ganga” by yogis for her healing characteristics.



On the Stretch 150 hour Advanced YTT, you will learn advanced asana practice and deepen your anatomical knowledge. You will investigate the teachings of maverick legends such as Vanda Scaravelli, and the excellent work being done today by those that followed her . You will learn how to bring pioneering aspects of functional movement into the yoga studio, and get to know your way around a chair and even a broomstick to further add to your offering.

We will help you to fully support your students, teaching you to trouble shoot and provide assistance for common conditions that come up in the classroom. We will also get down to business; looking closer at financials and retreat/workshop planning.
Naturally, given the course leaders tastes, there will be a high-level inversion education and some hardcore cross-training to build resilience and prevent injury! All in all, a training for the curious, courageous, open-hearted individuals that want to step into teaching at a whole other level!

Stretch’s main studio, Ada Street is right in the heart of London’s East End on Broadway Market and is teeming with delicious places to eat and full of colourful locals from all walks of London life.