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We believe yoga & function fitness training should be accessible to all, community focused, inclusive and free from stuffy dogma so we opened Stretch.

With a humble beginning in the creative hub of Netil House, and now running two studios in the heart of the East End, Stretch is the place to find expert yoga & functional fitness teachers. A family run studio founded on community, we offer a safe and comfortable space to practice yoga, build strength & connect. From our strong base we have grown to offer many fabulous yoga holidays around the world and teacher trainings for those looking to deepen or share their practise.

Stretch is easy going, we take our yoga & health seriously, but we like to have fun too. We like to work and practise in a friendly place, so no holier-than-thou stern-faced business here. We have a strong community element and we are open to anyone… Come and have a cuppa and a chat!


Carl Faure


Strong, precise flows

Carl is the founder of Stretch and the main boss man, leading the Stretch Teacher Training programme, retreats and workshops worldwide, with 10 years of passionate and encouraging teaching experience, set to the best possible music. A big fan of strong & intelligent sequencing, accompanied by some deep, bass-heavy electronica... Carl is Pregnancy trained.

Sophie Whippy


Dynamic and graceful

In reality, Sophie is the actual boss and runs Stretch with an iron spreadsheet. Offering challenging sequencing & engaging classes for all levels, Sophie's fluid on the mat & quick with the tongue. Sophie is a working Doula & Pregnancy trained.

Calli Popham


Powerful, juicy and nourishing

A super woman with juicy flows, Calli's approach to teaching will have you making shapes without a moments thought, guiding you through a practice both challenging yet nourishing, our very own goddess of ego destruction will take you from stressed to blissed out in no time at all. Calli is Pregnancy trained.

Jocie Cox


Alignment focused, sweaty flows

Jocie's considered and elegant flows bring mindfulness to the mind, body & breath. Focusing on anatomy and functional movement, bringing a fresh approach to Vinyasa. Jocie is Pregnancy trained.

Charlie Dark

Charlie Dark

Breaking down stigmas & barriers one class at a time

Dj, community builder and Run Dem Crew founder Charlie Dark fell in love with Yoga as a low impact form of recovery after serious running injury but it was his experience at a Yoga retreat that convinced him to pursue a new career path as a Yoga Teacher. On a mission to take Yoga to the people in the community who need it most whilst breaking down the stigmas and barriers to entry you can find him encouraging newcomers onto the mat at his Absolute Beginners class with a healthy dose of infectious enthusiasm and awesome tunes and vibes.

Daniella Manca


Yogic Soul

A true student of yoga on & off the mat, Daniella brings many layers to her teaching. Krishnamacharya meets kick-ass flows in the classroom. Expect a considered alignment focused flow with some curve balls thrown in the air. You'll sweat but have a chance to breathe nice and deep too.

Roberto Rubalcava


Healing, gentle ray of sunshine

Highly qualified expert masseur too. The nicest man in London. Seriously. We love this man. His restorative classes are a like a massive hug. Pretty much the most relaxing and nurturing 90 mins you could ever hope for. Roberto is Pregnancy trained.



Fun, energetic, strong.

With his colourful leggings, motivating music, and creative class structures, Matt brings his experience as a bootcamp instructor to Stretch. You’ll be sweating, clapping, jumping, and of course burpee’ing your way to a healthier, stronger, and more dynamic body.



Good Vibes Only

Bringing all the good vibes to the mat. Sanchia is a stretch graduate. Keeping her in the fam she's teaching strong vinyasa based classes adding her own sprinkling of magic in there to keep it real. Good Vibes only. Sanchia is pregnancy trained

Toni Stait


Holding space on & off the mat

Off the mat, Toni is stretch's studio manager. She's brought a whole new world of calm to our yoga bubble! On the mat, her classes are strong & methodical, leaving you feeling fully absorbed in your practice & body.

Micki Ramondt


Firm cues, sweaty asanas delivered with a sincerity and softness that keeps you going

Having initially been drawn to Yoga on a physical level you can expect a challenging asana class from Micki, however her deeper understanding of Yoga, and her love for the practice both on and off the mat, will inevitably seep into your bones as you move through the class. Instilling a beautiful balance of warmth and fire within the body, and a calmness of the mind, Micki's classes are perfectly rounded. We love them! Micki is Pregnancy trained.

Jodi Mullen


Mellow and wise

Bring her Pilates background to stretch, and her Yogic heart and soul. Jodi's teaching will ground you deep into your practice, your mat, and your breath. Beautiful sequencing, good tunes, inspiring classes. Jodi is Pregnancy trained.

Charlie Tallack

Charlie T

Warm, honest and sensitive soul.

Charlie's classes are rejuvenating and mindful, with a playful and spontaneous edge. Incorporating music and movement, she's in her element. Charlie is Pregnancy trained.

Oliver Peto


Dynamic, Alignment Focused

Oliver brings precise challenging asana and variety to his teaching. Expect a twist to every class, when you think you have peaked expect Oliver to bring another layer of variability to class. Happy on his hastas, bandas, and helping you find yours.




With 10 years of teaching under her belt, Beth's classes will draw you into your asana practice in a way you didn't even know existed. Focusing on connection. From the gross, stripping right down to the most subtle. Beth is pregnancy trained.

Alice Jackson


Methodical & Nurturing

Alice's hope is that her students leave class feeling relaxed and grounded, and that you will. Her classes have a story from start to finish and you know, as a student, it's considered. With every posture being put in place for a reason, you will feel grounded and 'whole' after class. Alice is also Pregnancy trained.

Rachel Walsh


Vibrant, Spacious Flows

A stretch grad Rachel's classes are vibrant and spacious, encouraging students to find their breath and connect with movement on a subtle level. Rachel is also Assistant Manager at stretch - got a query? Give her a hola.

Helen Stewart-Cox


Considerate, Juicy Classes

Helen's considerate and nurturing tone welcome you into her classes, and allow your body to release and relax. You will work hard without effort, a true gift for mind, body and soul. Helen is Pregnancy trained.



Dazza P

Dazza has been training for over 20 years and is passionate about movement, bodyweight and unconventional training. With a Level 4 specialising in lower back pain and certified by strength Matters as a hardstyle kettlebell coach, Dazza takes his knowledge and inspiration from a wide range of movement genres. He has been working in the health and fitness industry for several years, first working as a PT in various gyms and now teaches & supports young people in health, sports and leadership. Dazza will get you moving well, moving strong and making you more athletic in a fun and accessible way.



Slow & Deep

Jonathan's classes fuse elements of primal / natural movement alongside traditional vinyasa sequencing. He believes that movement should be fun and playful and that every person is a unique collection of complicated information, so a movement or yoga practice should also be unique and tailored to the individual. His passion is not just for movement but for a balanced approach to health and wellness; seeing the body as a complex set of physiological systems, intricately linked to energy and emotions. He is studying to become a Nutritional Therapist at the CNM in London and is also a certified TRE (trauma releasing exercises) practitioner. Jonathan is passionate about helping people become more connected to themselves, via yoga / movement and the cascade effect that this tends to have on nutrition and a general awareness for how to look after the body more intuitively.



Considered & Clear

Juliet's classes are calmly delivered with a clear focus on alignment and flowing with your breath. They'll challenge you on a physical level and leave you chilled on a subtle level. All the good stuff!



Functional & Intelligent Strength





Fun, calming & playful movement

Jess aims to empower children through creating a fun and non-judgemental environment where there is freedom to explore movement and breath. She seeks to develop children’s self-awareness of mind and body early on in life which can be carried with them into adulthood. Every class is concluded with a relaxation so as there is always an opportunity for a moment of calm.



Wild & Free movement



Playful & Freeing Flows

Claire is a passionate teacher who teaches a focused, mindful and playful flow with strong sequencing to aid the connection of mind, body and breath. She encourages each yogi to tune in to their own experience on the mat whilst leading the class to move, connect and breathe together.



Ever-changing Powerful Flow

Certified as both an Animal Flow® and StrongFirst instructor, plus a qualified physiotherapist, Daniel’s passion is everything movement. He focuses on flowing quadrupedal work with playful movement puzzles for good measure. Do expect to sweat, focus, laugh and frown. Don’t expect the same class twice.

Helen W

Helen W

Creative Flow

Teaching, choreographing & performing Contemporary dance for the last 10 years, a recent stretch grad, Helen is fascinated in the cross- over between yoga and dance. Her classes foster a creative and explorative practice with an emphasis on free flowing movement and journeying into strong, grounding Asana’s; encouraging practitioners to embody presence in each moment and all the in-betweens!





Strong & Dynamic Movement



Pre & Postnatal Yoga



Mind, Body & Spirit

Coming from a stressful corporate world, Chris has transformed his health and wellbeing through the practice of yoga and meditation. Chris is passionate about helping others to improve their health and life balance and receive similar benefits that he has. A qualified yoga teacher with 20 years of meditation experience, 10 years yoga practice& a degree in exercise physiology. Additionally, he has worked as a PT & since childhood, competed at a high level in martial arts and boxing. Chris combines the elements of mind, body and spirit into classes, whilst making them welcoming, playful and available to all.



Strong & Supportive

Darryl creates a supportive environment in which everyone can feel confident enough to let go and throw themselves into their practice. You can expect a balanced class with strong flows, prop work, inversions, and if you’re really lucky, a little restorative bolster-time.

Charley Logan


Movement, Strength & Control

Charley’s background lies in contemporary dance. Movement has been a part of her life since she could pretty much walk.. after years of training and performing as a professional artist it wasn’t long before she made the transition into vinyasa flow yoga. Now a recent Stretch grad, she’s ever curious of discovering new movement pathways through connecting mind, body and spirit. Her passion and focus is to hold space for others to unleash their creative essence, and open up to freedom of expression. Through developing body awareness, strength and control you are guaranteed to leave feeling uplifted and energised.

Helena Karmel


Strong & Connected

Helena's goal is to teach her students how to connect to themselves by developing awareness, proprioception, strength, mobility and motor control. After spending years developing strength she now focuses mainly on training hand balance, in her opinion the highest expression of control and grace. Helena takes pride in seeing her students progress through perseverant practice and believes it's never too late to begin a mental and physical journey of self discovery.